Samples of our music production

Here you can check out samples of our music production.

Please bear in mind that all the songs featured are examples of other artists recording their style of music and are not representative of what you'd sound like if you recorded here. We have a wide range of experience working with different kinds of music from Metal to Jazz, Hip-Hop to Classical and our philosophy is to make you sound like you - the best you possible!

Latest Releases Preview

These are previews from various projects we have worked on. If you like what you hear please go to iTunes and download the songs.

Storey Studios Volume: 1

This is a compilation album featuring many talented artists who have recorded at Storey Studios.

Flyte One Remixes

Tim "Flyte One" Storey is our remix specialist. He has produced some amazing original work but it is his remixes in particular that are starting to gather acclaim.

Official remixes of Gareth Emery's "Too Dark Tonight" and Lauren Aquilina's "Fools" have established him firmly in the industry as a serious remixer. His unofficial remix of M.I.A's "Paper Planes" earned him a plug on the NME Wesite,and the Flyte One remix of DJ Fresh's "Louder", was officially commissioned, and while having been unaccepted for the single release, was preferred by many listeners to the original version.

Tim has a great ear for beats and sounds yet is always able to retain a sense of melody even when things get really dirty!