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Storey Studios is a Northampton based music and studio run by husband and wife team Dan and Suzanna Storey.

We are passionate about equipping artists, at any step of their journey, from songwriting and production, through to distribution. We also produce music videos, websites and graphics; so if you're a new or experienced artist, we have all the tools you need to assist you in your musical journey.

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Let Me Introduce Myself

Veto'd is a hugely entertaining, original musical from a Northampton writer Suzanna Storey and Taylor McNulty. But it's more than that too: It has been written specially to involve a diverse cast. According to the BFI almost 60% of British films made in the past 10 years featured no named black characters - we don't think it's acceptable that films don't represent the British population. It'll be made by a diverse crew too. We're committed to working with people with disabilities, from ethnic minorities, women, and all the groups that are under-represented in Film, and making sure that regional voices are heard in British cinema. Screen Northants' Academy, which works alongside all films we make, ensures young people get the industry experience they need to succeed.

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