If you're looking for a state of the art studio with the latest gear, this is probably not the place for you. However if you're looking for a place to record with people who understand who you are as an artist, and want the best results possible there is no better place to be!

To established artists accustomed to recording we can guarantee the top quality professional results you expect with an experience to match. However, if you are just starting out and find the thought of recording a bit daunting, we know that you will find Storey Studios one of the most safe, reassuring and fun places in which to begin your journey.

Why come to us?

We invest

Every time we take on a project we view it as an investment - in your dream, your career and in you as a person. We are passionate about supporting artists and will do everything we can to help you achieve all that you want to.

Be Yourself

We promise that we'll never try and make you be someone you're not. We believe that everyone has their own unique character and sound, and so the best thing you can be is you. All we do is try to bring out your true potential.

Your Sound

We have a depth of experience producing and performing different musical styles and genres. This means that when you record with us we are able to completely tailor the process to your own unique sound and personality.

What about the music?

Live Musicians

We record all instruments in house so you won't incur any additional charges for session musicians. Dan Storey is a highly skilled all-round musician with over 15 years industry experience as a session guitarist.

Knowing the Song

We don't just understand music, we understand the song - the way music and words marry together to tell a story. We try to be as creative as possible in the musical arrangement, and in using musical devices to give emphasis to the lyrics.


Whether you have your songs ready to go or you're looking to collaborate, this is the place for you. Dan and Suzanna are both accomplished songwriters so if you're stuck with a verse or chorus or just want a writing partner, we'd love to work with you.

What else can we offer you?

Playing Live

We love recording but we're also passionate about live music and helping you get out there as a performer. As well as offering you the chance to play at our own events we can also put you in touch with other promoters and musicians.


Storey Studios is one of the only independent UK studios to be an iTunes partner. This means that we can not only record your music for you but we can make it available to the masses via the world's number 1 site for music downloads.


We can also help with designing your album cover or website. Whilst we love to focus on the music, these are important parts of the package which you'll need if you are serious about getting out there as an artist.

What's our setup like?

Here at Storey Studios we have a small production studio setup that produces big sounds! We don't have the space to record live drums so if you're a band wanting to record we probably won't suit your needs. But if you're a singer needing great quality, fully produced songs in a style that faithfully represents who you are then we can provide everything you need and more!